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i still believe [& she sang his song for hours] [entries|friends|calendar]

alex ♥
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make it count ! < 3 [October 17, 8:06 pm]
[ mood | fuck dat mess, G ]

this journal is

comment to be added.
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[February 4, 10:28 pm]
It took hipocracy to open my eyes.

Thanks for the laughs, that's all it was worth.

this journal is closed.

random meme, because i am bored. [January 29, 2:18 am]
[ mood | amused ]

anonymous meme

Anonymous commenting is ON. Leave me words. Something you've always wanted to tell me, something that has nothing to do with me, a confession, a secret, a story, whatever. Anonymous comments are suggested though not necessary if you're feeling brave enough. I'll probably reply to your comment. If you'd rather I don't, specify "don't reply" in the subject and we'll pretend it never happened. Just make sure whatever you tell me is true. ♥

I turned off IP logs, with the instruction of a friend of mine. As this seemed to be a concern of some people ~\o?O/~

I want you to be honest because I want to know what's up.
And don't be afraid to comment if you aren't on my friends list.
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EVERYONE!! [November 7, 4:20 pm]
[ mood | chipper ]


My hair! I'm gonna dye it! Red or Black?

A piercing! I'm gonna get one! Lip or nose(septum)?


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The times they are a changin' [August 2, 2:29 am]
[ mood | busy ]

I'm totally redoing this LJ. I'm doing a MASSIVE friends cut and leaving this public so people can argue their case. I'm mainly going to be posting about art projects, commissions (opening in the fall) and costumes I'm making so this will be relatively drama free. If you feel you've been deleted in error, just leave a comment. It's probably because we don't talk anymore. And honestly, if you think I have time to comment on every single one of your entries then don't even bother adding me because I have my own life, I don't need to offer fake admiration sympathy to yours. I will comment where I see fit, I don't shower people in stupid meaningless comments. Alright.

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could have could have could have [July 10, 12:40 am]

hay everyone

let me clarify, this is my shop

love you all, and i'm putting an assload of new stuff on it this week
so buy stuff <3
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FAQ. [May 23, 7:02 pm]
What people should know about me (if they don't already):

I hate fangirls of anything, but yaoi fangirls are the worst. :x
I was watching it, reading it, listening to it, loving it and I had the poster of it before you even knew it existed. Period.
I am a bitch. Again, Period.
If you are an idiot, I will make fun of you. To your face, too.
Go ahead, talk about me. But don't think I won't find out and fix it.
Anything you have to say about me, has already been said. So don't think you're clever or original when you call me a whorebag cunt. :x
Moodswings 'r' Us.
Don't ignore me for three months, then talk to me just to: A) Brag, B) Ask for a favor/advice, C) Ask me out.
Don't expect me to be nice to you, just because you're nice to me. Everyone has a bad day, and I'm no Molly Sunshine on my good ones.
I guarantee you have never met, nor will you ever meet someone like me. I dare you to prove otherwise.

I made this entry public so that people wanting to 'add me' would understand what they're getting themselves into.
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revamped. [May 21, 8:31 pm]
Yeah so someone brought something I totally forgot to my attention: YOU CAN COMMENT NOW. x.x;;
Let's try this again..


1. What was your first impression of me and do you think you were right about it?
2. What do you like about me?
3. What do you not like about me?
4. If I haven’t met you, do you want to meet me? If yes, why?
5. Who do you think I resemble? Post a picture.
6. One thing you think I should know.
7. A secret.
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CUTCUTCUTCUT [May 21, 2:46 am]

if you get cut, don't cry. it's either because you never post or you never read my journal. it's nothing personal. just re-comment on the friends only post if you NEED to be added back. love you all!
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oh no she's doing a.. a.. thing! [September 19, 10:21 pm]
[ mood | let's have fun with this ]

Post anything as a comment on this entry. Anything you want. But do it annonymously.

Lyrics to a favorite song you're listening to, a question you've had on your mind for a while. A secret confession or just a secret in general. Anything that pops into your mind.
And really.. if you don't want to you don't have to repost this on your journal. <3

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